Seeking Shade, my short story collection  is now available in print or ebook format directly from the publisher, The Porcupine's Quill. You can also buy the print version at or through your local bookstores, as well as the big chains.  In Ottawa, Perfect Books, Books on Beechwood and Octopus Books have copies available.


This White Nest  is available from the publisher, Quattro Books.  Tower, my novella, is also available directly from my publisher, Fish Gotta Swim Editions.   Or you can ask your  local independent bookstore to order a copy for you (and a few more for their shelves!).

Apples and Rose, my poetry chapbook, is available from the publisher, above/ground press. Cost is $4 plus shipping. You can also order my fiction micro-chapbook  Shards from its publisher, Coven Editions. Cost is $5 plus shipping.

My poetry collection Light-carved Passages can now only be purchased by contacting me via email at I  also have a handful of remaining copies of my first chapbook of poems Portal Stones available for sale.

Light-carved Passages  is $14 and the price for Portal Stones is $6, both including postage within Canada. For outside Canada, please contact me with details and I'll let you know the additional cost for shipping.


I am available for readings, and eligible for funding via programs of the League of Canadian Poets and/or The Writers' Union of Canada. I'd love to bring  my recent books  to readings series throughout Canada. I would be pleased to meet with book clubs.

I can also offer small-group workshops, with or without critiquing of participants' work. Past topics include "Ariadne's Web: finding your way into and out of the poem" , "The 'I of a Poem: thinking of voice and authenticity", "The Poet as Art Thief" (on ekphrastic writing) and "Poetry and Place".

Finally, I would delighted to hear from you if my writing has moved (or infuriated) you in any way, if you have questions, or just to talk about writing and community.


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