• Black Dog Review #4, (July 15, 2019) “Flight Feathers” 

  • Shards, a flash fiction mini-chapbook (Coven Editions), October 2018.

  • "Fairy Tales for Survivors" in The New Quarterly, Number 145 (Winter 2018) .

  • "Rest Cure" in 50 Over Fifty  published by Philadelphia Stories (PS Books), March 2016; reprint of story that originally appeared in This Magazine , November 2011 (3rd place, fiction, in The Great Canadian Literary Hunt). Read it here


  • The Hellebore, issue 3 (September 17, 2019). Read it here.

  • Nightingale & Sparrow, issue III, (August 16, 2019), “Brimstone” 

  • River Heron Review issue 2.2, (August 3, 2019), “Stumble” 

  • Riggwelter #24 (August 1, 2019) “Penumbral” 

  • Big Pond Rumours, Summer 2019 (July 29, 2019), “Sluice”  Second Place winner in the BPR poetry competition  

  • Black Bough (July 22, 2019) “sketch” 

  • Savant Garde issue 1 (July 16, 2019) “Churned by Surf to Softness” 

  • Medium Spotlight Series No. 32 (July 1, 2019), “High Test” and “Old Acquaintance” with artist's statement

  • “enigma”, "Portal" and "Keeping Place" in antilang no. 4 2018). Read them here.

  • “Sinking Roots" in Bywords, May 2019. Read it here.

  • "Brown Bird, Whitish Bone” in Augur Magazine 2.1 (April 15, 2019). See it here.

  • “All I Am Dumb to Tell” in Rogue Agent issue 49 (April 1, 2019). Read it here.

  • “Rickety” and “Wrought Iron Willow” in Peter F. Yacht Club #27 (March 2018)

  • “Unrehearsed,” “Beam,” and “Choler” in antilang no. 2-3 Fall 2018/winter 2019.  Read them here.

  • “Sister Emily’s Lightship”, “Constraint” and “Turning” in Ottawater #15 (January 2019) Read them here.

  • “Webbed” in Harbor Review #2 (January 2019) Read it here.

  • Night Parings in Barren Magazine  (December 2018). Read it here.

  • Medusa in untethered, Vol 4 No 2 (December 2018)

  • Tutelage in Literary Review of Canada, November 2018.

  • Pelican Narrows" in Tamaracks: Canadian Poetry for the 21st Century (October 2018 Lummox Press, San Pedro CA).

  • “Passage Tomb” in The New Quarterly, Issue 148 (Fall 2018). 

  • “scorned as timber beloved of the sky” on talking about strawberries all of the time (October 2018). Read it here

  • “The Snow Might Heal”  in small poems for the masses, post ghost press (September 2018)

  •  “Antique Lace” in the Sawdust Reading Series 4th Anniversary chapbook (September 2018) 

  • “Enclosures” and “The Shape of a Bear, or a Monster” In/Words Magazine (September 2018)

  • "and the wind takes the boat" in Juniper, Issue 2:1, Summer 2018 Read it here

  • "Looking Up" in Bywords., June 2018 Read it here

  • "Cresting' and "To Absolve the Sky of Complicity in Rain" in The  /tƐmz/ Review, Issue 3, Spring 2018. Read them here 

  • "Cobalt" and "erosion" in Peter F. Yacht Club #26, Verfest edition, March 2018

  • “Skein” in The Antigonish Review, Winter 2018, Vol. 48, No. 192.

  • “Why Isn’t This on the Curriculum” in The Fiddlehead No. 274, Winter 2018: Read it here

  • “Bracelet” (micro-poem) in Conjuration, Coven Editions, February 2018.

  • “the sky is” in Blackberries, Salt Spring Island Arts Public Library, September 2017.

  • “Backpack”  in Teasing the Tongue, (ed. Lorna Crozier) Wintergreen Studios Press, September 2017.

  • “I can’t see deep freeze setting in” in Hart House Review 2017 (issue 26), June 2017.

  • "Chiaroscuro" and "Gleanings" in The Peter F. Yacht Club 25 (VerseFest Edition), March 2017.

  • "Hide and Seek" and "And so at last I climb" in In/Words Magazine 15:3, October 2016. 

  • "Brand" and "Handle with Care" in the bird, philomela, battle axe press, June 2016.

  • "Migrations" and "Preservation" in Canthius Literary Journal issue 02, May 2016: Listen to "Migrations" here.

  • “Engloved” in Grain Magazine 43.2; April 2016.

  • "Spiral Impule" and "Tied Tropes" in Ottawater 12, February 2016: Read them here

Essays and Reviews

  • "My Writing Space", online exclusive for The New Quarterly, posted January 10, 2019. Read it here

  • Appreciation review of Whereas by Layli Long Soldier for Arc Poetry Magazine, issue  87 (Fall 2018)

  • "#100 rejections - more than enough?", guest blog for Rhoda Douglas (December 2018). Read it here

  • Review of My Year of Disappearance by Carole David (translated by Donald Winkler) for Canthius, July 2018  Read it here

  • "On the novella", guest blog for Gail Anderson-Dargatz (May 2018). Read it here.

  • "My (small press) writing day: the big stall", part of rob mclennan's "my (small press) writing day" series, March 15, 2018: Read it here

  • “On Writing and Wandering” in Ottawa Poetry Newsletter July 26, 2017: Read it here


In addition to the recent publications listed above, the following older work can be accessed online.


  • "Wake" (poetry winner in  the Great Canadian Literary Hunt) in This Magazine, November 2011: Read it here and listen here.

  • "Momentum" (winner of the Diana Brebner Prize) in Arc Poetry Magazine 61, Winter 2009: Read it here

  • "Lyme Regis" (Reader's Choice, 2-day poem contest) in Contemporary Verse 2,  issue 36:2, Fall 2013: Read it here

  • "Alice Underground" (3rd place, 2-day poem contest) in Contemporary Verse 2,  issue 34:2, Fall 2011: Read it here.

  • "Longing" and "The Land is Laid Out Flat Forever" in The New Quarterly 123, Summer 2012: Read them here 

  • "Shock", "Dark night, solo" and "The Fox" on truckRead them here.

  • "Moon Made" as a Leaf Press Monday's poem, January 2011: Read it here.

  • Poetry in issues 8 through 11 of Ottawater  (and an essay on poetics in issue 11) : Read them here.


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