"Tower is a charming fast-paced tale of the relationship between a mother and a daughter, also fairy-tale like. The characters are eccentric people I want to know and be friends with."

        Amanda Earl on Tower as one of her 2018 favourites, in Queen Mob's Review of 2018.





"Boyle's exceptionally well-written story ...  draws on her admirable poetic talent to craft the novella in a deeply lyrical style, making Tower a delight to read..."

          Review of Tower by Ian Thomas Shaw in Ottawa Review of Books, November 3, 2018.  Read the full review here


"This is such a good book. It’s a novella, but it’s so full and rich that it feels like a novel, and a thoughtfully complex one at that. The characters are fully-developed, living people, and the both realistic and cautiously hopeful in its depictions of close relationships, whether familial or romantic... Tower is honest, insightful, and beautifully written, with the kind of tight execution to which many novellas aspire, but which few achieve. I cannot recommend this book highly enough."

Review of Tower by Amy Mitchell in The /tƐmz/ Review,  Issue 4, summer 2018 . Read the full review here



"Frances Boyle deploys all of that fine classic imagery [chiaroscuro , the play of light and shadow], giving it an excellent contemporary makeover: High-beams slice through the mental clutter on a lonesome drive, or a flickering candle illuminates a mother’s path forward on another less-than-picture-perfect holiday.  But she also does a heck of a lot more...There are passages carved by light, for sure, but also a bit of a sound and light show with lines that whirr and flash and dazzle, as well"

Review of Light-carved Passages by Rob Thomas on Apt. 613., February 9, 2015. Read the full review here.





"Rich in imagery, attentive to language and music, the poems have a strong narrative style, often so intensely personal that the reader winces alongside the speaker’s strain. Loyal to the bonds between women ... Dedications to poets such as Sylvia Plath, Gwendolyn MacEwen, and Brecken Hancock indicate Boyle’s apprenticeship to poems that plumb emotion, secrets, and family history. As a whole the collection speaks to lived experience."

Review of Light-carved Passages  by Danielle Janess in The Malahat Review 192, Autumn 2015. Read the full review here.




"In often hauntingly beautiful phrases, Frances endows the everyday with the profound and the deeply humane. Her touch is perfect in these poems, it gives us grace and patience and wonder in equal measure. A wise book, it kept me warm and grateful long after I had read it."

Recommendation of Light-carved Passages as a "book to be snowed in with" by Deborah-Anne Tunney on 49th Shelf. Read the full blog post here.





​"the general tenor of the collection rises to the surface as a sweetly consistent melancholy, the lily-fragrance of loss and longing"

Review of Light-carved Passages by Catherine Owen on Marrow Reviews, January 26, 2013. Read the full review here.

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